Review of LDU Consulting by Autumn

Posted: 06/26/2018 6:19 pm - Calgary
I have had a wonderful experience at LDU Consulting, they were honest during the whole process. They do there interviews in two steps, and they are completely transparent about the job and what it requires and entails. They even paid for me to go on the job to check out for a day to see if I was interested in the positon. I did not take the position as I got an opportunity out of province that I could not turn down. However I was impressed with there professionalism and transparency.

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Review of LDU Consulting by Harjeet

(by Harjeet) Added: 09/13/2018 7:12 pm
There was one consultant who called me for an interview. She ahd a very bad attitude. She did not return my call or email. She scheduled an interview when I sent an email to confirm there was no response for two days and all of sudden just about 30 minutes I rece...

Review of LDU Consulting by Gauthier

(by Gauthier) Added: 06/28/2018 7:34 pm
I have been working here for over 12 months and I love the posit...

Review of LDU Consulting by Girl

(by Girl) Added: 06/28/2018 6:59 pm
Very warm, friendly and energetic people to be ...